Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogging and Zune Experiences

I'm currently listening to Leo Laporte talk about blogging and turning your blog into a podcast on his podcast. I've always been a big fan of Leo, and ever since I watched my last episode of Call For Help back in middle school, I've been meaning to get back to listening to him and other hosts from the show. Him and Chris seem to be the only ones worth watching and listening to.

I'm listening to his podcast for free from the software that came with my Zune thats very similar to Apple's iTunes, called Zune Marketplace. Microsoft seems to be trying to keep up with Apple with their software that they've been releasing, but thats a completly different post. ;) Zune Marketplace is a great app and is easy to use with your Zune. After the software is installed, its pretty much plug and play from there. They recently made a new interface update that completly cleaned up the old interface that was hard to navigate. However, they made file management a little harder. The file browser is builker than it was with larger icons that increase loading times. They did, however, also give the interface on the Zune itself a nice new interface update that they introduced with their new 4GB/8GB devices. My girlfriend thought it gave it a nice new "wow" factor from the old interface that was rather boring.

I would easily prefer it over iTunes, which is probably the only thing Microsoft may have over Apple at the moment. I've played around with iTunes, and I hate it. Its got an odd feel and its interface wasn't userfriendly for me. iTunes is free and can be downloaded from the Apple site at The only way, I know of atleast, to obtain Zune Marketplace is to buy a Zune, which is completly worth it. <3


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