Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Future purchases at a glance.

Most of these really deserve their own post, but I'll sum it up into one until I get the actual item on the list.

1.) RAM! Everyone could use some more RAM =D. I'm looking into getting 2 more gigs of RAM to dual channel. My PC is currently running a gig of RAM in dual channel, taking up two slots, but this is supposedly faster than one gig stick. Newegg <3

2.) 2nd Monitor! Haven't decided on what monitor, but it will porbably be another 15" like the one I have, but DVI. I may get a bigger monitor and use this 15" off to the side for a secondary monitor. Yes, I will be using them both at the same time.

3.) TV Tuner PCI Card! I need something to record me playing Wii online and with friends. Plus I can watch TV on my PC with it, and I think the card I selected comes with an FM turner. The card I'm looking to purcahse is:

4.) A new case! I haven't really decided on which case yet, but its probably going to be this one from RAIDMAX:

Try not to touch yourself inappropriately after looking at it. =o I know, its hard. I failed. ='(

5.) A webcam! I might start streaming me live for a few hours a day, and then move to 24/7 streaming on I'd probably be boring to watch at first, though. I'm naked pretty often, too... Might have to stop that. =o

Thats what I'm looking to get when I finally save up enough money. I'll probably buy them in the order listed, but may get a webcam first before the case. I'm hoping to have all of this within the next 3 months, but insurance and gas money is only letting me bring home about $50 a week until I'm done paying off Tia's laptop I got her for Christmas, which should be paid off my next paycheck, and then I can bring home about $100 that I can actually use.


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