Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm slowly getting sucked deeper into the tech world.

An odd motivation to follow tech news engulfed me after taking a computer hardware class at my college. It first started out with "If I were to build a rig, then what would I throw in it?", and then it slowly progressed to software, and now its grown so much that I've been keeping up with what Microsoft plans on doing with Vista in the near future.

Another thing I've been doing is checking out Digg, Twitter, and following the tech community online. It all started with watching Chris Pirillo (, then I slowly progressed to following the community myself.

I must say... There are a ton of 12 year olds bugging to know whats better: PC or Mac? =P

Silly kids.

Off to bed, and hopefully I'll keep this updated more frequently than I have been... Which is never.

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