Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sickness ='[

Today was bad. I woke up, couldn't stand up because I couldn't balance myself, so I just laid there. Couldn't breathe through my nose. Breathing in through my mouth gave my throat an odd sensation, but it made me cough up something green every now and then. Discusting, I know. =/ I don't really remember much after waking up.

Tia came over to check up on me, and it felt really good that someone was here, especially her. It made me 10 times better, but then she left and I felt like crap again.

On the positive side I was naked all day. =D

Time for sleep.

1 comment:

bradbragg09 said...

Hope you get better bro.
I feel like i need to say something like "pwnt by the flu" or
"L2 immune system", but I wont. :)

That's nice how Tia came over and stuff, might have been a bad idea though, she could have gotten sick or something...Hmm, how else can i make you feel bad...Oh Yeah! Well there's a concert this Saturday, @ the Pit. Guess you're not coming...

Anyways dude, Get Well Soon (no homo).